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A web notification can be your competitive advantage because you get attention.

With the tool for sending notifications, you can easily manage without professional knowledge, all in a simple administration that even your assistant can handle.

The moment a user enters your website, the browser will offer him your optional notification.

What are notifications?

Notification is a modern marketing tool. A notification will appear on the web page, similar to mobile apps.

Notifications will only be displayed to users who have agreed to receive notifications in the past.

The notification itself will therefore be displayed even if the user is not on your website, and you can effectively remind yourself in the form of a message notification.

Advantages of web notification

An underutilized marketing channel with great potential.

You have absolute control over how notifications are displayed.

Each notification is adapted to the given browser.

A flexible way of communicating with users.

Satisfied customers

Selected companies that use notifications to communicate with their customers.

HREBIENOK RESORTBEWITPanorama golf resortDrogerie TETABang & OluvsenObec ČeladnáBerniesH2 World

Notification manager

Software for managing your notifications

Convenient control of your notifications from your computer or mobile device.

Notifee manager

Premium features

Your message will be even more striking, put your Banner in your mobile browser

Do you want customers to miss NOTHING?

Insert a Banner into your website that will be displayed on mobile devices when visiting your website

Creation is simple and convenient in our Notifee administrative environment


Advertising banners are still among the most effective forms of promoting a specific product, for example, announcements about a discount, an event, a sale, a best-selling product or a hot new product.
Suitable for promoting the company brand in general, because you are always in contact with the user, reminding yourself and bringing useful information to him.
For example, restaurants liked the notification banner for sending out the lunch menu and events. Hotels for last minute accommodation. Craftsmen on spare capacity, etc.

The notification banner is a new dimension of advertising.


Tariffs and prices

Choose one of our tariffs
Orient yourself by the number of site visitors and the number of domains

All prices below are exclusive of VAT.


40 EUR /month*

do 5.000 unique
visits per month

Unlimited notifications
Current count
email support


60 EUR /month*

do 15.000 unique
visits per month

Unlimited notifications
Current count
email support


110 EUR /month*

do 25.000 unique
visits per month

Unlimited notifications
Current count
email support

Premium features


180 EUR /month*

do 50.000 unique
visits per month

Unlimited notifications
Current count
email support
Prioritní podpora

Premium features

* The number of domains you want to send your web notifications to
* When you order an annual tariff, you get 2 months free (you only pay for 10 months).

One-off payments

Setting up and commissioning the Notifee system

  • Complete account setup
  • Generation of marketing code for displaying notifications
  • Training and commissioning
  • A manual for your IT administrator of your website

250 EUR

Setting up premium features.

100 EUR

Web browsers

Notifee works on these web browsers


Examples of using notifications

See how your notifications will look, comfortably in our Notifee administrative environment.


Build a very stable marketing channel thanks to customers following your notifications


Notification is synonymous with notice or notification. It is most often used in connection with applications in mobile phones, in the environment of social networks and in general on the Internet in browsers. It's usually a short text message informing you of some news. The notification takes the form, for example, of a notification of newly arrived mail, a notification of a change in payment status, or a reminder of an upcoming event.

If you have a restaurant, guesthouse, travel agency or perhaps a city information page, and you would like to send notifications, it usually ends up with you thinking that it is only for large companies or e-shops. But few people realize that almost everyone can send notifications thanks to the Notifee system.

Who are web notifications suitable for - Cities and municipalities, Gastronomy and hotels, Brick-and-mortar stores, E-shops, Community groups, Companies and companies

How do notifications work?
As soon as a potential customer appears on your website, they will start seeing the notifications you sent. Your site will come to life and the proof of decision will inspire your visitors to buy.

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